I’ve Had It With The NFL

For years I’ve had a game pass package with NFL.com. Since we don’t have an NFL team in Montana, I found that I could watch games of all the teams this way.

NFL players have decided that disrespecting the flag by kneeling or sitting during the playing of the national anthem before games is a noble endeavor.

I’m not going to claim I’m the most patriotic person around, but I do have a history of the national anthem over the years.

I’ve been in athletics a good part of my life. I went to college on an athletic scholarship, so I have had the opportunity to stand and hear the national anthem before many athletic events in which I participated.

I moved to Bozeman in 1993 and a friend took me to a Bobcat basketball game at the fieldhouse. I remember looking up high in the bleachers to a bunch of kids running back and forth playing.

When the national anthem started playing they stopped, took off their hats and stood with hands over their hearts. That’s when I knew I was home.

Bozeman not only had the values I espoused, but parents here handed those same values of respect for flag and country down to their children.



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