Jesus edges out Mickey Mouse in Cherokee County: The best write-ins from the Alabama Senate special election

Alabamians retained some levity during a bruising special U.S. Senate election that pitted an underdog Democrat against a Republican facing accusations of sexual misconduct with teenagers.

For example, Jesus got two votes in Cherokee County in northeast Alabama from voters who chose to write-in their vote instead of picking one of the listed options, Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore. The county has a population of about 26,000, according to U.S. Census data.

In Colbert County, population 54,000, The Will of God, U R Mom, and Robert Kennedy Jr. vied, unsuccessfully, for the top write-in spot.

Ultimately, Jones won the vote and was certified the victor this week despite Moore’s refusal to concede. Below are some of the best write-in candidates as they are listed in the full election results.