GOP Tax cuts a win for Montana

On Tax Day, liberals around the country wake up with a smile, enthusiastically thinking about the endless possible programs they can throw public money at. Today though, they’re a little less eager, quite a bit less cheerful, and according to their recent behavior, a little miffed they haven’t been able to take more money out of the pockets of hard-working families.

The Democrats fought tooth and nail to stop the Presidents tax cuts and now they’re energizing their far left base to advocate for tax hikes. One could easily presume that the left does not believe middle-class families are paying their fair share and that anything President Trump supports must be opposed. Either way, the left is being disingenuous and not acting in the best interest of Americans.

The Presidents tax cuts are a win—and not just because it sent Nancy Pelosi into such a frenzy that she pretentiously called $1,000 bonuses “crumbs” on national TV. The tax breaks are a win because they have reinvigorated the sluggish Obama-era economy. The cuts put real money back into the pockets of Montanans and spurred economic growth as well as wealth and job creation. It would take a pouting opportunistic ideologue to claim the tax cuts are a failure.

Montana’s liberal Senator strongly opposed tax cuts and supported keeping taxes high and the economy moving at a snail’s pace. Along with his pals, Chuck Schumer and the socialist Bernie Sanders, our “good ole boy” Senator happily stood firm against the President to the detriment of Montana’s interests. What Mr. Tester opposed provided tax relief for 90% of Montana families.

Today, I woke up with a smile, enthusiastically thinking about the endless possible ways Americans will spend, save, and invest the extra money they have in their pocket. I cheerfully look to the future—excited to see a growing economy, higher wages, and an appalled and befuddled Democratic party.

By: Russ Fagg

Note: Judge Russ Fagg of Billings, MT is a Republican candidate for United States Senate.