Governor Bullock says I-185 is good for Montanans


Governor Steve Bullock visited Billings Monday afternoon to discuss his thoughts on Initiative 185.
He spoke at Billings Clinic with the main focus on improved healthcare.
I-185 would increase taxes on all tobacco products including e-cigarettes and vaping products.
That revenue would be used to fund the expansion of Medicaid.
Bullock said, “Because of Medicaid expansion we have 100,000 more Montanans with healthcare. That will continue under I-185, 5,000 new jobs that will continue, it fully funds all the state’s obligations.”
Vaping has grown in popularity among the younger population and that’s something Beartooth Billings Clinic CEO, Kelley Evans, said needs to be addressed and she thinks I-185 will help.
Evans said, “This is pretty unacceptable for our state and we need to get in front of this and make a difference. I don’t believe there’s any tobacco addict in Montana that would support or say this is a good future for our children.”