Dear Montana, Thanks For Nothing

Tuesday’s midterm elections weren’t a slam dunk for either party, not by anyone’s estimation. Democrats managed to avoid another apocalyptic election meltdown and keep their base from flipping out by flipping the House, if barely, and Republicans added slightly to their already slight majority in the Senate. We sent at least three Red State fake moderate Kavanaugh thumbs-downers packing and, even better, the GOP ‘squishy caucus’ ranks have been whittled down to Ben Sasse and his imaginary better angel. There’s still Collins and Murkowski, of course, but now President Trump’s judicial nominees aren’t depending on ‘good feelz’ from either to get confirmed. And that’s definitely a good feeling for conservatives.

Thankfully, as I wrote last Monday in my then-unwelcome (judging by a few of the comments which basically boiled down to ‘you’re an idiot’ and ‘kill yourself’) ‘silver lining’ prediction piece, all isn’t lost for Republicans or the Trump agenda. Not by a long shot.