Crow tribal chairman questions validity of attempted recall petition

Two top Crow Tribe officials on Thursday moved to recall the tribe’s chairman, Alvin “A.J” Not Afraid, who questioned whether their actions complied with the tribe’s constitution.

The recall petition, signed by Vice-Chairman Carlson “Duke” Goes Ahead and Vice-Secretary Shawn Backbone, also seeks to remove the other elected executive official, R. Knute Old Crow. It cites misuse of tribal funding and “abuse of authority” as reasons for initiating the removal process, but does not offer any further specifics.

Under the tribe’s constitution, an executive branch official can be removed after a petition, signed by the remaining executive branch officials, receives at least a two-thirds vote of the tribe’s general council. The elected four-person executive branch comprises the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and vice-secretary. The general council comprises all members of the tribe who are eligible to vote.

The petition calls for a recall vote

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