FFA, music help Park City student grow into leader, start composting program

Jerrica Bursik never pictured herself as a leader — “like, ever.”

Leadership, it seemed, was for the hand shakers, the natural speech makers, those who didn’t think twice about standing up in front of a crowd. 

The Park City High School senior instead saw herself as the problem solver, someone who toiled quietly without seeking the spotlight.

Only recently did she realize that it was never about the spotlight — and that when she stood up, she could flourish under its glare. 

“I didn’t really think of leaders being the problem solvers,” she said. “Leaders become leaders through service.”

Bursik has become a pillar in the music and FFA programs at Park City and taken on projects in the community. But she had a quiet start. 

Tending the garden

During elementary school, Bursik moved to Park City

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