NorthWestern Energy supports Montana Energy Security Act

NorthWestern Energy recently announced its support of the Montana Energy Security Act of 2019, which includes language to define greater details of a potential purchase of an additional share of Colstrip Unit 4.

Montana State Sen. Tom Richmond (R-MT) introduced the measure allowing NorthWestern Energy, which services Nebraska and South Dakota in addition to Montana, to buy up to 150 megawatts of Colstrip Unit 4 for $1.

Under the bill provisions NorthWestern Energy would recover capital investments associated with the 150 megawatt share of Colstrip Unit 4, up to $40 million, for five years, through electric utility rates paid by customers while requiring liability tied to the 150 megawatt share for the future decommissioning of Colstrip Unit 4 and site remediation has to remain with the current owner.