HRDC offering educational opportunities

HiSet, career education, college placement and moreBy: MIRIAM CAMPANReporterTuesday, November 19, 2019

Paula Walker, HRDC adult education lead instructor, sits in her office Thursday. Part of Walker’s job is to ease the anxiety of tests and schedules for those returning to education. 

Photo by Miriam Campan

HRDC’s Adult Education program offers a second chance towards a brighter future. The only requirement is to show up and be ready to learn.  

At no cost, adults age 16 and older can enroll to update basic academic skills (reading, writing and math for employment and college placement purposes), prepare for HiSet (a state-issued high school equivalency credential) or the naturalization test, undergo screening for learning differences or determine a career path. 

Paula Walker, HRDC adult education lead instructor said, “We reopened adult learning on Oct. 1, and we now serve six counties.”

To assist individuals in attaining their academic objectives, Walker said

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