Lewistown women choose military serviceBy: MIRIAM CAMPANReporterFriday, November 8, 2019

Roberta Mae Deal (left) not only served in the WAACs, but was also a model for recruiting more women (not to mention selling Grapette soda pop).

Image courtesy of Miriam Deal Campan

Army reservist Sandy Alexander, now Sandy Youngbauer, stands at a camp in Saudi Arabia during her deployment. During her time in Desert Storm, Youngbauer was instructed not to bring a good camera because the sand would destroy it. 

Photos by Miriam Campan

Today Sandy Youngbauer continues to serve as an active American Legion member. 

There is no place like home. Doney returns from Germany where she visited her son who carries on the military tradition.


Twenty-something Roberta Mae Deal had a choice to make. The time was the early 1940s and war was raging in the Pacific and in Europe. As

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