CBD manufacturing company opens in Ronan

RONAN – The first hemp-processing license in the State of Montana was issued to a Ronan business in November from the Montana Department of Agriculture.

Green Ridge Biosolutions moved into a 15,000 square-foot building at 63298 U.S. Highway 93, located near the Ronan arch, in September. Sam Belanger, chief operations officer, said he looks forward to becoming part of the community.

“I think Montana is the last best place in the country, and the Mission Valley is the last best place in Montana. It’s beautiful and clean here. We hope the view reflects our product.”

It took longer than expected to remodel the building from what was a sporting goods store to a CBD manufacturing company. Once the inside of the building was ready, equipment was brought in to develop hemp extract and hemp-derived CBD products. Dried hemp is put into a proprietary extractor before being processed through a few other systems to create full-spectrum hemp extract inside the state-inspected facility.