Kids in the Classroom

Garfield Elementary kindergarten and first grade students answer the question of the season: “What do you want for Christmas?” Photos by Charlie DenisonBy: CHARLIE DENISON Senior ReporterMonday, December 23, 2019

Alyssa Vanek, 1st grade: I want an L.O.L winter house. It comes with a brother, a sister and a pet.”

Chandler Martin, kindergarten: “I want a cop set. It comes with a badge, a hat and a car. I saw it on TV. I want to be a cop when I grow up.”

Chloe Dunnington, kindergarten: “I want a Polly Pocket doll. I like how many accessories she comes with, like a house, a hot tub and a makeup kit.”

Cruz Krings, 1st grade: “I want one of the Lego Bionicles. My brother has a lot of them. I want the green one that has a blade on one end and a spiky golden ball

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