Free Access Alert is one of the oldest news search engines on the internet yet a very small company. Hosting thousands of feeds through our API, 100,000+ news category pages, a 60+ million news article archive and serving millions of page views a month globally. Providing this service as well as free access of course all comes at a significant expense in hardware, bandwidth and man power hours to maintain. Like any site we cannot exist without funding from advertising, subscriptions or donations. Therefore please consider supporting us through advertising or one of the donation links on our website. We also accept payment in BTC – 3DTg51MJj54pepcRgT1t9ebB1b3QTcNQQ5, BCH – qqq27yfk3z5c5h59ymtj8yfu86c3ztwt8vdjhdzdzt, ETH – 0xf72AEE7C080337CbB7DDe6CB8e041FE6E000b268, LTC – MJyT1DVXZbuofaJUnJsmZJCBr6EEX1RUFA

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