RedState Review: Is the Film ‘Cats’ that Bad, Or is it Worst-Of-The-Year Bad?

promotional still from ‘Cats’ courtesy Universal Pictures

It is rare when a film is so bad that hyperbole does not do it justice…

When it had been initially announced that after four decades of Broadway entrenchment the production of ‘’Cats’’ was being adapted for Hollywood there was zero interest from me. It was a musical (strike one) about felines (strike two) with a cast of mostly actors and not stage performers (strike three, and I’ll see you at the hockey game.)

Then things changed.

First, the trailers came out, and they were a mystifying pastiche of odd costuming and bad computer effects. People were not intrigued but became repulsed. Hmmmm. Then came the news that the film would miss out on most cinematic awards because the release was delayed to retrofit the CGI, a usual sign dire of trouble. Then ahead of last weekend’s release the studio placed an

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