‘Tis the season to find a mouse in the house

Local specialist offers ideas for controlling rodent pestsBy: DEB HILLNews-Argus Managing EditorFriday, December 6, 2019

Vertebrate Pest Specialist Steve Vantassel holds a northern pocket gopher. This time of year Vantassel spends a lot of time explaining how to get mice out of people’s houses.

Photo courtesy of Steve Vantassel

“With mice you are either winning or losing; there’s no détente.” 

That’s the point of view of Stephen Vantassel, vertebrate pest specialist with the Montana Department of Agriculture. Vantassel’s job is vertebrate control, especially control of vertebrates causing problems.

“It’s hard for people to understand the damage some of these animals can do,” Vantassel said. “We say 10% of the people suffer 90% of the damage.”

And make no mistake about it—although not the largest vertebrate pests Vantassel deals with, mice can certainly be destructive.

“This time of year, even if you live in town, mice can be getting into your

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