Windham and Utica Highway to get turning lanes

Local petition results in project’s programmingBy: Melody MontgomerySpecial to the News-ArgusTuesday, December 17, 2019

BNSF and Herzog crews work on the new signals and gates in Windham in 85 degree heat on July 10. 

Photo courtesy of Joe Jenkins

Local efforts in Windham show how citizens can come together and have a positive effect on the community and safety, in this case through a petition for turning lanes.

“Turning lanes are currently being developed and programmed [for Windham],” said Montana Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Lori Ryan last week. “The next step will be for the Transportation Commission to approve a project to construct the turn lanes, then MDT will develop the project and identify available funding.”

Windham, while small, has a fair amount of traffic steadily passing through, with a 70 mph speed limit along Highway 87. There are two primary intersections – one into town onto North

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