Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet Drop Out

Andrew Yang, a businessman who managed to whip up a coterie of ardent supporters online, announced that he would be dropping out of the presidential race just as the New Hampshire primary results started coming in. About half an hour later, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who was profoundly losing to the write-in vote at the time of publication, announced that he, too, would be ending his campaign.

This was Yang’s first political run of any sort, and his inexperience led to some particularly uncomfortable moments on the campaign trail—not that his supporters, the self-declared Yang Gang, cared. Yang’s big pitch was a universal basic income of $1,000 for every American, which paired nicely with his persistent warnings about the dangers of automation taking people’s jobs. And according to a number of interviews he conducted prior to announcing his exit, this almost certainly won’t be the last we hear from him. From BuzzFeed: