Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company is canning more beer and planning to expand

GREAT FALLS — Since the launch of the Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company almost three years ago, business has been steadily on the rise. The company with a constant eye on efficiency decided now was as good a time as ever to expand. “We started realizing, hey, we’re not able to make enough beer for what orders are coming in,” said owner Jeremiah Johnson. “Last summer we ended up not being able to fulfill all of our orders.”

The latest additions to the Great Falls-based business include two new 60-barrel fermenters. It brings the total to eight. They’ve also added a second hot liquor tank, allowing them to do more every day. “in the past we would be in a situation where maybe if we brewed a batch of beer and cleaned one tank we would be out of hot water for the day,” said Johnson.