Non-Partisan PAC supports women running for office in Wyoming

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – There are only 16 women in the Wyoming State Legislature, as a while the Equality state ranks in the bottom five of the nation for having a diverse state legislature.

When it comes to representation in local offices it’s just as bad. Out of the 93 County Commissioners in the state 18 are women.

Jen Simon, JoAnn Skeim-True, Lisa Burridge, Natalia D. Macker, Renee Penton-Jones, Ann Ruble, Lisa Scroggins all founded the Cowgirl Run Fund, a Non-Partisan PAC that supports women who run for elected offices through out the state.

Wyoming News Now sat down with Jen Simon and JoAnn Skeim-True about the PAC.