Portland’s mayor says public are ‘sick and tired’ of the nightly riots… he’s done nothing to stop

Mayor Ted Wheeler appears to have finally worked out that the residents of Portland, Oregon might be losing patience with endless rioting and vandalism. If only he were in a position to do something about it.

Portland is a joke. The city has gone from being a byword for early-2010s hipsterism, replete with vegan bookstores and feminist interpretive dance studios, to a s**thole teeming with addicts and the homeless, where nihilist ‘Antifa’ rioters come out every night to smash windows, start fires, and assault police officers.

For nine months straight, the riots have been an almost nightly occurrence. In the past week alone, black-clad left-wingers set a federal courthouse on fire, vandalized downtown shopfronts, and pelted rocks and beer cans at police officers. Cops seized knives, hammers, and firearms.