Expand Access to High-Speed Internet

Over the last year, the pandemic has opened our eyes to the reality that high-speed internet is essential for Montanans across the state. The pandemic also reminds us of the painful truth that Montana ranks 50th in the nation when it comes to this vital service.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve learned that telehealth services – which are now available through high-speed internet – can improve health outcomes by helping families with online access to healthcare specialists and other providers. With this technology, patients are often able to receive state-of-the-art health care in their own homes. AARP Montana appreciates the Legislature’s support for expanding access to telehealth services through the passage of House Bill 43, which is sponsored by Rep. Rhonda Knudsen of Culbertson. We also urge the Montana House to pass Senate Bill 357, which is sponsored by Sen. Jenn Gross of Billings. Both bills make telehealth more accessible to all Montanans.