Greg Hertz

Hertz: Vote Republican for common sense solutions

It’s election season, also known as the season of misleading information. A prime example is what appears to be Montana Democrats’ main talking point on legislative races: “If the Republicans can flip just two more legislative seats, they’re coming after the Constitution.”

What the Democrats fail to mention is that the legislature cannot change Montana’s Constitution. It says right there in the Constitution that any proposed amendments have to be voted on by Montana voters. At most, the legislature can propose amendments for the voters to decide. A good example of that is the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot this year to safeguard our privacy in the digital age. Republicans passed it in the legislature over the objections of more than 20 House Democrats. Now, voters will get to decide whether the government is required to get a warrant before accessing our election communications.

Despite the Democrats’ fear mongering about make believe “threats” to constitutional rights, I don’t see voters approving changes to reduce or eliminate freedom of speech, personal privacy, tribal sovereignty, religious freedom, public education, a clean environment, civil rights, the right to bear arms, hunting and fishing rights, or public access rights, among others. Nor do I see Republicans proposing any radical changes like that.

What Montana Democrats are really saying is that they don’t trust Montana voters. Montana Democrats believe the government knows what is best for you and they don’t trust you to update our Constitution if that’s what you want to do, whether regarding digital privacy or any other topic.

The Montana Democrats are spinning lies and nonsense because they know Montana does not support their far left liberal agenda of pushing woke policies destroying our families, culture, and schools. Montana doesn’t support their agenda promoting soft on crime policies, open borders bringing in dangerous drugs, and destroying our energy and natural resources economy while supporting OPEC oil and overseas mining employing child labor, not to mention Biden’s reckless spending and inflation.

With an unpopular agenda like that, I guess I’m not surprised Montana Democrats have resorted to trying to mislead Montanans about our own Constitution. This November, remember, only you can change Montana’s Constitution. But Montana Democrats will implement reckless policies if you vote for their candidates.

Vote Republican for common sense solutions.

By: Senator Greg Hertz, R-Polson,