Judge rejects effort by transgender lawmaker to overturn House censure

A Helena District Court Judge has rejected an attempt by Rep. Zooey Zephyr to be allowed to return to the House floor. The ruling by Judge Mike Menahan came in repose to a motion from lawyers for the state of Montana that asked the judge to reject Zephyr’s request to return. Menahn said he didn’t have the authority to overrule the legislature.

Menahan served two terms in the legislature as a Democrat from Helena before being elected as a District Court Judge in 2012. In his order, Menahan stated, “Plaintiffs’ requested relief would require this Court to interfere with legislative authority in a manner that exceeds this Court’s authority.”

Representative Zooey Zephyr, a first-term Democrat from Missoula, identifies as a progressive, bisexual trans woman. Zephyr has made headlines for using bombastic rhetoric during the 2023 Legislative season.