Tester votes for debt ceiling deal

Montana’s Democratic U.S. senator stood in favor of the debt deal, which was successfully passed late Thursday. Conversely, all of the Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation voted against the bill aimed at increasing the federal government’s borrowing limit for the next two years.

The House saw a mixed bipartisan response, with a total of 314 representatives supporting the bill and 117 opposing it. Among the opposition, 71 Republicans and 46 Democrats voted against it. In the Senate, the vote resulted in a 63-36 split.

Earlier in the week, Democratic President Biden and Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy reached an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, implement spending reductions, and introduce changes to work requirements for certain federal programs.

Raising the debt ceiling was necessary for Congress to prevent a default on the federal government’s financial obligations. According to the Washington Post, the threshold has been adjusted 78 times since 1960, but in recent years, it has become increasingly politically contentious.