Alpha Loading Systems Expansion

Governor Greg Gianforte made a visit to the newly expanded Alpha Loading Systems Facility in Stevensville, Montana. The governor’s visit came in response to the recent expansion of the company’s operations, driven by the increased demand for its American-made machinery and ammunition. This development underscores the vital role that small businesses play in Montana’s economy, as Governor Gianforte highlighted during his visit.

Alpha Loading Systems, which originated as a part of Bitterroot Tool & Machine and began its operations in Stevensville in 1999, specializes in manufacturing ammunition loading and priming machinery. The expansion of their facility in April 2023 has positioned the company to serve a broader national and international market, indicating significant growth and success in their field.

During his visit, Governor Gianforte expressed his enthusiasm for Alpha Loading Systems’ contribution to the local economy, noting the creation of 45 well-paying jobs in the Bitterroot region. He also emphasized the exciting prospect of further expansion, demonstrating the company’s potential to double or even triple its workforce over the next three to five years. The governor’s support and involvement in the visit served to boost employee morale and highlight his commitment to the success of local businesses like Alpha Loading Systems.

Following the tour of Alpha Loading Systems, Governor Gianforte continued his engagement with the local community by visiting Vern’s Nursery in Hamilton and meeting with community leaders and legislators. This demonstrates his dedication to understanding the needs and concerns of various sectors within the state and his commitment to fostering economic growth and development throughout Montana. The governor’s visit to Alpha Loading Systems and other local businesses reflects the symbiotic relationship between state leadership and the success of small businesses, underlining their significance as the backbone of Montana’s economy.

by: Big Sky Headlines Staff