Governor visits Greenough to help cut down state Christmas tree

GREENOUGH — On Monday, November 27, 2023, Governor Greg Gianforte journeyed from Helena to Greenough to partake in the felling of the 2023 State Capitol Christmas tree. The governor ventured into the woods, reaching the designated site within the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) trust lands, where the ideal tree was selected and cut down.

Before the tree was felled, Governor Gianforte engaged with the workers at the lumber site, endorsing a permit for the removal and harvesting of the chosen tree. The selection of a tree from the Greenough site was a deliberate choice, emphasizing the government’s gratitude for the DNRC’s efforts. Kristen Baker-Dickinson, representing the DNRC, expressed that using a tree from their site underscores their commitment to sustainable land management and showcases the organization’s operational ethos.

Baker-Dickinson stated, “This is a fundamental aspect of how DNRC oversees their trust lands—through timber management. We eagerly anticipate providing opportunities for the public to gain a deeper understanding of our practices and operations.”

The Christmas tree, sourced from Greenough, will be erected and adorned in the Capitol building in Helena on Monday, December 4.

By: Montana Newsroom Staff