Attorney General Knudsen files response to legal complaint

This week, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen formally responded to a complaint alleging professional misconduct, characterizing it as “highly irregular” and defending his actions in the dispute between the Montana Legislature and the state Supreme Court.

In a 50-page response submitted on Monday to the state Commission on Practice by lawyers representing Knudsen, both private and from the Attorney General’s Office, they refuted the claim that his conduct during the 2021 dispute violated any attorney conduct rules. They argued for the complete dismissal of the complaint, asserting that the Montana Commission on Practice had never encountered a disciplinary complaint of this nature before.

The complaint, filed in September by Missoula attorney, Timothy Strauch, a longtime Democrat donor and activist, serving as special counsel, outlined 41 counts alleging violations of the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct. The allegations primarily centered on accusations that Knudsen and his legal team disobeyed a court obligation, made statements about judges’ integrity, and engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.