Montana lottery draws winning $100K ‘Early Bird’ ticket

The second “Early Bird” drawing in the annual Montana Millionaire raffle was conducted by the Montana Lottery on Friday. In this year’s raffle, there were two Early Bird prizes: one for $25,000, drawn on Nov. 24, and another for $100,000, drawn on the most recent Friday.

The winning ticket for the $100,000 prize bears the number #274028. However, lottery officials have yet to disclose the location where the winning ticket was sold. Last month’s $25,000 prize-winning ticket, numbered #172886, was purchased at the Albertsons store on Grand Avenue in Billings.

Anticipation is building for the grand prize drawing, which will determine the recipients of three separate million-dollar prizes. This significant event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Dec. 26.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff