Proposal for special legislative session falls short

Efforts to convene a special session of the Montana Legislature aimed at addressing tax-related concerns have fallen short. On Friday evening, the Montana Secretary of State’s Office disclosed the outcomes of a legislative poll. Of the total votes cast, 55 were in favor of scheduling a special session on January 15, falling short of the required 76 for a legislative majority. Conversely, 67 lawmakers voted against the special session, and 28 did not submit their ballots before the 5 p.m. Friday deadline.

Among the supporters of the special session were 54 Republicans and one Democrat. On the opposing side, 31 Republicans and 36 Democrats rejected the proposal.

Last month, a formal request from a group of Republican lawmakers had sought the special session with a focus on tax relief. Their proposal included four pieces of legislation, featuring two measures designed to restrict school equalization mills to curb property tax increases, and another two aimed at returning surplus state revenue to taxpayers.

By: Montana Newsroom staff