Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh attends March for Life in DC

Fresh from securing the national college football championship, University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh passionately advocated for the right to life in the nation’s capital on Friday. Addressing a massive gathering at the annual “March for Life” rally on the National Mall, Harbaugh introduced former NFL tight end Benjamin Watson.

In the midst of a snow-filled crowd, Harbaugh commended the demonstrators for their commitment to the sanctity of life, describing it as a powerful testimony. He expressed enthusiasm for the March, noting the favorable weather and humorously declaring, “This is football weather!”

This year’s event is the second March for Life since the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned the 1973 precedent, asserting a constitutional right to terminate preborn children. A recent analysis by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics revealed that approximately 32,000 babies have been saved in states with the strictest abortion bans since the Roe reversal in 2022.

In an interview on the sidelines of the rally, Harbaugh elaborated on his unwavering commitment to the right to life. He emphasized that all other rights are inconsequential if the right to be born is not protected, stating firmly, “There’s no right without the right to be born.”

Harbaugh also shared insights into his team’s spiritual journey, highlighting a religious revival that saw 70 players being baptized into Christianity during the season. He expressed inspiration and admiration for the team’s spiritual mission, describing it as a source of inspiration for him.