Florida Republicans Urge Biden Administration for US Navy Assistance with Haiti threat

Florida Republicans are raising alarms about the escalating crisis in Haiti, prompting them to reach out urgently to the Biden administration for assistance. In a move reminiscent of “Save Our Shores” (SOS), Republican Representatives Matt Gaetz, Gus Biliarakis, Anna Paulina Luna, and Daniel Webster of Florida penned a letter to President Joe Biden, invoking a previous executive order under President George W. Bush aimed at combating illegal immigration, according to The Hill.

The letter emphasized the need for immediate federal intervention, calling for the declaration of an “anticipated mass migration of aliens en route to, or arriving off the coast of, the United States” as an urgent circumstance requiring swift action. This plea comes amidst growing concerns about the potential influx of migrants from Haiti, given the unstable conditions in the country.

“We urge you to engage the necessary assets to conduct maritime interdictions and interceptions of Haitians,” the letter stated, underlining the gravity of the situation.

The concerns raised by Florida Republicans are echoed on social media platforms, with tweets like one from Graham Allen (@GrahamAllen_1) demanding border security measures to prevent a potential crisis. Allen’s tweet highlights the challenges faced by neighboring countries like the Dominican Republic, which has been deporting illegal immigrants from Haiti.

The situation in Haiti has garnered attention due to its deteriorating law and order, with recent reports of violence leading to fatalities. Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s announcement of resignation has added to the political instability, as the nation struggles to form a transitional council for governance post-resignation.

Meanwhile, General Laura Richardson’s remarks during a House Armed Services Committee hearing underscored the need for increased military capabilities to address potential mass migrations from Haiti. The letter from Florida Republicans reflects a broader concern about the ability of state resources to handle such a crisis, calling for a coordinated federal response to prevent a humanitarian and security catastrophe.

As the Biden administration grapples with this urgent request and monitors the evolving situation in Haiti, the international community is watching closely, hoping for swift and effective measures to avert a worsening crisis in the region.

By: Montana Newsroom staff