Montana Highway Patrol commissions 12 new troopers

HELENA – The Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) commissioned 12 new troopers at a graduation ceremony at the Civic Center in Helena Friday. Attorney General Austin Knudsen and Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Sager addressed the new troopers prior to their badge pinning and taking the oath of office.

“I’m confident that the new troopers are prepared to meet the challenges they will face as they begin their careers protecting Montanans from dangerous criminals and keeping our communities safe,” Attorney General Knudsen said.

“This is the future of the Montana Highway Patrol, and our future is bright. They are ready to serve their community with pride and dedication to keeping our state safe,” MHP Colonel Steve Lavin said.

The 12 new troopers were part of the 78th MHP Advanced Academy. They have spent 24 weeks going through and intense training schedule. They come from all parts the United States as far away as Florida, New Jersey and Washington. Four of the new troopers are from Montana.

Name                                                                     Initial Duty Station / Hometown

Anthony D. Carroll                                                    Butte / Butte, MT

Ronaldo Chavez                                                       Wolf Point / Missoula, MT

Alexander D. Crandall                                             Bozeman / Shevlin, MN

Roberto “Daniel” Erekson                                       Miles City / Billings, MT

Manti D. Jeffs                                                            Choteau / Colorado City, AZ

Thomas G. Kachler                                                  Glasgow / Newfoundland, NJ

Jerad R. O’Dell                                                          Butte / Overton, NV

Gamal “James” Selim                                              Whitehall / Jacksonville, FL

James T. Taylor                                                         Bozeman / San Luis Obispo, CA

Dylan W. Walls                                                          Big Timber / Bremerton, WA

Josiah “Joe” Wamsley                                              Drummond / Helena, MT

Brett L. Westford                                                       Malta / Cuter, WA