Hunter Biden juror says texts were key evidence

One of the jurors who participated in Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial told news outlets that the defendant’s familial ties to the president had no bearing on their decision-making process.

The anonymous juror, a Delaware resident, deemed the prosecution of Hunter Biden as “a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.” Despite this sentiment, the juror and their peers ultimately reached a unanimous verdict with little contention.

The jury deliberated for less than a day before convicting Hunter Biden on two counts related to false statements during the firearm purchase and one count of unlawfully acquiring a firearm while addicted to drugs. Political considerations were reportedly set aside during deliberations, with the juror remarking positively on the jury’s cohesion despite the high-profile nature of the case.

Key evidence in the trial included text messages exchanged between Hunter Biden and others before and after the gun purchase, which the juror interpreted as indicative of his pursuit of drugs.

Another juror, also opting for anonymity, affirmed that Hunter Biden’s status as the president’s son did not influence their judgment. Similarly, a third juror, Elijah Lewis-Guy, emphasized the human fallibility of individuals regardless of their background and underscored the seriousness of the consequences for one’s actions.

Lewis-Guy, whose father fell victim to gun violence during his youth, noted the prosecution’s effective demonstration of Hunter Biden’s drug use preceding the firearm purchase, indicating a pattern suggestive of addiction at the time of acquisition.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff