Gianforte Celebrates Innovation at Belgrade Business

Governor Greg Gianforte recently attended the reopening ceremony of Big Sky Decon in Belgrade, highlighting Montana’s resilient economy and the ingenuity of its entrepreneurs.

“Montana’s economy continues to thrive despite challenges like inflation and workforce pressures resulting from policies at the federal level,” Governor Gianforte remarked. “I was pleased to visit Big Sky Decon in Belgrade and witness firsthand the innovative technologies they are employing. Thanks to our pro-business and pro-jobs policies, businesses and entrepreneurs are creating new economic opportunities for Montanans.”

Big Sky Decon specializes in professional decontamination services for residential spaces, commercial businesses, and vehicles. Formerly known as Kart Kleen, this Made in Montana company is renowned for its solutions to eliminate bacteria and viruses, particularly in high-traffic environments like schools.

During his visit, Governor Gianforte joined Jason Gardiner, Chief Operating Officer of Big Sky Decon, in celebrating their expansion and learning about their latest ultraviolet sanitation device designed to disinfect machinery coolant.

“As entrepreneurs, we identify problems and find solutions,” Gardiner explained. “We’re proud to operate in Montana, a state that values innovation and hard work. The support we receive from Helena enables businesses like ours to offer expanded opportunities to Montanans.”

Governor Gianforte also learned about Big Sky Decon’s collaboration with DCF Manufacturing in Missoula, where the new UV-light technology will be utilized to disinfect and manage coolant and other materials.

Since taking office in January 2021, Governor Gianforte’s administration has overseen the creation of nearly 40,000 jobs in Montana, contributing to a record high in total employment reached in May. Collaborating closely with the Legislature, the Governor has implemented tax reforms aimed at fostering business investment and job growth, drawing interest from global enterprises to establish operations in Montana.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff