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Breakingviews TV: Daimler-BMW merger

Breakingviews Posted The German giants want to save a combined 13 bln euros to fund the transition to electric cars – but crunching together could yield much more than that. Christopher Thompson predicts the Fiat-Peugeot playbook will be scrutinised heavily in Stuttgart and Munich in 2020.

Breakingviews TV: M&A gets a climate boost

Breakingviews Posted Shareholders will put more pressure on companies to deal with greenhouse-gas emissions in 2020, explains Antony Currie. That’s also likely to prompt executives and boards to use mergers and acquisitions to address their climate risks – giving Wall Street a new way to pitch deals.

Breakingviews TV: Fink it over

Breakingviews Posted John Foley explains why Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman may try to reunite his private-equity firm with passive-investing giant BlackRock after 25 years apart – and why Goldman Sachs’s David Solomon may also be interested. BlackRock boss Larry Fink has a busy year ahead.

Breakingviews TV: Macau’s bet

Breakingviews Posted Dec 20 – As the tiny territory marked the 20th anniversary of its return to Chinese control, President Xi Jinping urged the gambling hub to move beyond baccarat. Mooted plans to grow its financial sector seem ambitious, but might just pay off, Katrina Hamlin tells Pete Sweeney.

Breakingviews TV: Buyout blues

Breakingviews Posted A $1 trillion market for sliced-and-diced loans known as CLOs has fueled a host of private-equity deals, but a weakening economy could throw grit in the wheels. If companies get riskier, and buyers get more demanding, the buyout boom could blow a gasket. Anna Szymanski explains.

Breakingviews TV: Lebanon lows

Breakingviews Posted The Levant country has lost its government, has people protesting on the streets and rating agency Fitch has just shunted its debt further into junk territory. Anna Szymanski explains what’s causing all the trouble and discusses whether an IMF bailout is in the cards.

Breakingviews TV: Not WeWorking

Breakingviews Posted The debacle that was the aborted WeWork initial public offering came with plenty of lessons for other would-be IPO candidates, technology investors and advisers. Richard Beales highlights some of the most salient messages drawn from a new Breakingviews deep dive.

Breakingviews TV: Taste test

Breakingviews Posted A DuPont unit’s $45 bln nutrition merger with International Flavors & Fragrances rounds off a series of transactions that started when DuPont joined with rival chemicals giant Dow. Has the dealmaking paid off for investors? Stock performance suggests not yet, Richard Beales says.

Breakingviews TV: Gone postal

Breakingviews Posted Dec 13 – At $4 bn, Postal Savings Bank of China’s Shanghai listing was the biggest in years, but it failed to generate much investor enthusiasm. Pete Sweeney and Robyn Mak discuss why this IPO required so much help to get over the line, and what it means for the banking system.

Breakingviews TV: Green Street

Breakingviews Posted Japanese investment bank Nomura is buying Greentech Capital Advisors, a niche Wall Street firm focused on deals in renewable energy and the like. With the rising influence of climate change on companies of all kinds, it could prove a handy base for expansion, says Antony Currie.

Breakingviews TV: Chevron’s hit

Breakingviews Posted The oil giant is scrubbing $10 billion of assets from its balance sheet, most of it down to low gas prices. Investors had already seen the writing on the wall. There’s a bigger message about climate change that they may still be missing though, Antony Currie argues.

Breakingviews TV: Buyout boot

Breakingviews Posted The private-equity owner of Dr Martens is putting the shoemaker preferred by the grunge setup for sale. Yet customers have been complaining about poor quality. That is a warning sign for potential buyers given the brand is known for sturdy durability, explains Dasha Afanasieva.

Breakingviews TV: Ping An flop

Breakingviews Posted China’s largest insurer is listing its OneConnect unit with a $5 bln price tag, a third below its last valuation. It’s the latest in a string of float flubs for Ping An. Clara Ferreira Marques and Alec Macfarlane discuss what this means for its tech credentials.

Breakingviews TV: Bumpy flight

Breakingviews Posted United Airlines is ditching its independent chair, making Oscar Munoz executive head of the board with Scott Kirby replacing him as CEO. Rob Cyran explains why this is a subpar move – and why it could entice activists to take another jab at the underperforming airline.

Breakingviews TV: Italian banks

Breakingviews Posted Unicredit is short on growth but is pledging 8 billion euros of dividends and buybacks to keep investors happy. There’s little the bank run by Jean Pierre Mustier can do about rock-bottom rates, says Lisa Jucca. And since Europe makes big deals hard, big payouts will have to do.

Breakingviews TV: Shopping pall

Breakingviews Posted The owner of American Dream, one of the largest malls in the country, reckons it has the answer to declining in-store sales as more goods are bought online: pack the complex with roller coasters, water slides and an ice rink. Jennifer Saba examines its chances of success.