Helix Business Solutions adds technology sector to Dillon economy

If you have listened to Montana gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte speak on his economic plans, one key area regarding jobs is to bring the state’s kids home with high paying jobs in the technology sector. Gianforte and his wife founded and grew RightNow Technologies in Bozeman before selling the business to the multi-national corporation Oracle.

Last Thursday evening, Helix Business Solutions, a technology company that has been in Dillon for about a year, hosted their first open house event at their company campus located in the former Mary Innes School. Over 60 citizens attended the event to learn more about the mysterious computer people.

“The significance of our open house is to reinforce not only our commitment to the community, but how proud we are to open an office here and employ local folks and start to do some amazing things,” said Kevin Sherwood, a founding partner of Helix.

“It is a big deal. Not only our strategy, but our base to launch even more careers.”

Sherwood moved to Dillon from Tennessee to begin the latest cycle in the life of the technology company. His friend and business partner Tim Black is in the process of moving from Tennessee to Bozeman, the site of yet another Helix operation.

Sherwood explained that the move to Dillon came from the encouragement of Travis Cottom, a key Helix employee and a Dillon native.

From Dillon Tribune