Curt Schilling ‘serious’ about mounting Warren Senate challenge

Hillary Clinton is “evil,” Gary Johnson is always “high” and it’s game on against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, according to former baseball star Curt Schilling.

The six-time all-star Major League pitcher told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Friday that he’s “serious” about mounting a 2018 challenge to unseat Warren in Massachusetts, while deriding Johnson and Clinton’s current presidential bids.

“I don’t understand how Hillary’s an option, much less the candidate. I don’t understand how she’s not in jail,” he said referencing a common refrain among supporters of Donald Trump, who the former athlete publicly backed in May.

“She’s done the opposite of nothing, she’s hurt in every possible way she can and I think she’s the epitome of just a very bad, bad, evil human being,” he added.

Schilling, who earlier this year was fired as an ESPN commentator for a controversial anti-LGBT tweet, has been an outspoken critic of Clinton and Warren, feeding speculation that he may challenge the latter in the next round of midterm elections in 2018.

“Oh, I’m serious about it,” Schilling said when asked about his congressional aspirations. “If I’m not electable, then I won’t get elected but I believe being a senator, being a governor, being in public office is about being a leader.”

Schilling also threw some heat at Johnson, dinging him for being unable to recall a foreign leader he respected Tuesday and insinuating that the Libertarian candidate frequently smokes marijuana. (Johnson says he doesn’t.)
From Politico