Juras is the right choice for supreme court

As your sitting district judge in Stillwater, Carbon, and Big Horn Counties, I wanted to let you know that I am endorsing Kristen Juras in the contested race for the Montana Supreme Court.
I believe that she has the right temperament, experience, and ability to make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.
Not only is Kristen Juras a highly regarded law professor at the University of Montana law school, she has also advocated tirelessly on behalf of small business and farmers and ranchers in Montana.
I have been privileged to know Kristen Juras for many years. I still believe that character matters in a public official and I can assure you that Kristen Juras is a decent and principled person of great integrity. She has shown an abiding concern for her students, her clients, and for the people of Montana.
After almost 40 years as an attorney and a judge, I know what it takes to serve effectively and with distinction on our state’s highest court. Kristen Juras has what it takes. If you believe as I do that we need common sense rural values in our courts now more than ever, then please join me in electing Kristen Juras to the Montana Supreme Court.

Blair Jones is the 22nd Judicial District judge responsible for Stillwater, Carbon and Big Horn counties