Tax liens, defaulted loan against Rob Quist surface in Campaign

Helena – The state of Montana filed three tax liens to collect approximately $15,000 in back taxes against Democrat congressional candidate Rob Quist. Quist is also finalizing a settlement with a bank over $10,000 loan he defaulted on.

The tax liens filed against Quist in 2015 for about $15,000 cover tax years 2007, 2011 and 2012. Mr. Quist settled the liens in May 2016. Mr. Quist blamed health problems for falling behind on his taxes but did not specify how health problems caused him to have tax problems in 3 out of 5 years with the problems occurring in nonconsecutive years.

Mr. Quist told Montana Public Radio that, “in the wake of the great recession, like a lot of Montana families, my wife and I were forced to make some difficult decisions.” However, Quist’s tax problems originated in 2007 and the Unites States recession did not begin until the third quarter of 2008.

The banjo player and signer turned politician declined to name the bank with whom he defaulted on a $10,000 loan but said they are finalizing an out-of-court settlement to pay off the balance.

Rob Quist is facing off against Bozeman technology entrepreneur Greg Gianforte and Libertarian Mark Wicks in the May 25th special election to replace Congressman Ryan Zinke.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff