Missoula tech firm lands $5 Million investment

Missoula tech firm Submittable announced a $5 Million Series A investment led Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, True Ventures.

Submittable is a cloud-based submission platform that was founded in 2010. The company now has more than 35 employees.

“We are positioned as the matching and reviewing platform for any organization looking for work or any individual looking for opportunities in any vertical, such as a place to publish or show your work or receive funding for scholarship or research. Whether it’s a publisher looking for writing pieces or organizations looking to create a contest, we have created an ecosystem that makes it effortless for the submitter and the organization,” said Michael FitzGerald, CEO.

“We’re really excited to invest in Submittable because of its great potential as a new kind of SaaS marketplace where both businesses and users benefit across many different verticals,” said Puneet Agarwal, partner at True Ventures. “Michael and his team are facilitating the creation and acceptance of a ton of content while building a long-lasting community. All these factors combined point toward a powerful, high-growth business.”