UW prepares for largest freshman class in state history

The University of Wyoming is on track to welcome its largest freshman class ever just months after sending off its largest-ever graduating class.
The result will be overall enrollment numbers that look roughly the same as 2016’s, said Mary Aguayo, interim associate vice president for enrollment management.
“We graduated out 5 percent more students than we did last year, which was itself a record-breaking year,” she said. “So, whether or not overall enrollment will be up, I think it’s tricky to know at this time. I think that we’re looking toward a relatively stable class.”

Concrete numbers will not be available until after the census date on the 15th day of the semester, but early estimates released in May suggested UW would enroll up to 1,750 freshmen for the fall 2017 semester — a 13 percent increase from 2016.