3 Montana Made: Tucker Family Farm

Hidden away from a smoky summer day, head cheese maker Allison Dembek looks over sheep milk cheeses aging in a cheese cave on the Tucker Family Farm, nestled between Victor and Hamilton.
“Cheese making is beautiful in its science. This perfect match of exact scientific precision and also for the finish, it’s creative and it’s collaborative. I honestly feel like I’m working with the cheese to get to what we are trying to achieve,” Dembek said.
To fully understand this Montana Made product, you have to start a few feet away from the cheese cave, in the parlor, where dozens of sheep are milked, starting at 7 in the morning.
Tucker Family Farm owner Tyler Tucker explained that it takes two people to do the whole milking process with the sheep. He’s usually one of them, along with the interns who are part of a teaching program on the farm.