Andy Rubin’s Playground Ventures is raising another $15M

Playground Ventures — the VC fund co-founded by Android inventor and former Google exec Andy Rubin that sits alongside an eponymous incubator/startup studio and is making some big bets in areas like artificial intelligence and new generations of hardware– is raising more money. A Form D filed with the SEC notes that Playground Ventures is in the process of adding another $15 million into its coffers. The filing notes that none of the sum has yet to be raised.

Relatively speaking, $15 million a modest figure: since 2015, it looks like the Playground group, which includes the Playground Global incubator and Playground Ventures, has disclosed about $242 million in funding as part of a projected $300 million fundraise, and what appears to be a bigger plan to raise $500 million. We have contacted the company to ask if it can elaborate more on whether this $15 million is one more segment in that wider effort, or if it is for another, different purpose.