Granite County Commissioner Investigated For Using County Equipment on Personal Property

Granite County Commissioner Scott Adler is being investigated after locals complained that he used county resources on his personal property in early September. During a commissioner meeting recorded by QSPNLIVE last Tuesday, Adler admitted when questioned by resident Susie Browning, that this wasn’t the first time.

Browning: “What equipment was used?”

Adler: “A tractor, a mulcher, one water truck, and a dozer.”

Browning: “Is this the first time that you have used a piece of County equipment?”

Adler: “No, I’ve used stuff over at my shop, to unload stuff same as…. no, i’m not… you know… right there where I have my shop.”

County Commissioners say they were testing a miller at the time and said they were “sorry.” Adler went so far as to say publicly that he “f-d up.” Commissioner Bill Slaughter said there was no excuse.