Harvey Weinstein Gave Thousands to Montana Democrats

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is receiving significant criticism nationwide as many actresses have stepped forward to accuse Weinstein of sexual assault, harassment, and a cover-up of these stories by the press.  As a high-profile political contributor, Weinstein’s donations have even been re-donated to charities by major politicians, including New York’s Andrew Cuomo. Interestingly, according to National Institute of Money in Politics Managing Director Denise Roth Barber, Weisnstein also spent money in Montana.

“Yes, he has given, we have him giving $569,993 across the country, but I can see how much he has given in Montana… he gave $10,000 to the Montana Democratic Party, and he did that in 2000.”

The expenditures in Montana are thousands more than he gave in most states, but are far less than the $30,000 plus he spent in New York and California.



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