Montana Attorney General Tim Fox Weighs In On Robocalls [Listen]

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox (above) joined Tom Egelhoff on Open for Business to discuss the recent court decision concerning robocalls to Montana citizens. (Interview link at the bottom of the page)

Montana US District Judge Charles Lovell, 88, a Reagan appointee, did not buy the argument of Dave Deshaw, of Victory Processing LLC, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to ruin the dinner hour of Montana residents to convey political robocalls messages just to make a buck.

Attorney General Tim Fox prevailed and the judge ruled in favor of Montana.

Your Phone May Still Ring

Currently Montana law restricts robocalls unless they follow certain guidelines in their practices.

Even with the recent district court ruling there are some outs for the dreaded robocallers.

Robocallers are permitted as long as a live person gets your OK to hear all about the best darn free back brace that Medicare can buy.

Or, if you’ve previously had some kind of prior business relationship with the calling company, then they can continue to call you.

You can certainly ask them to stop and you can report them to the links below. Most reputable company’s will comply with your request.

Scammers probably will not.