Treasurer Gordon explains priorities for gubernatorial run

Gordon’s platform highlights three priorities for the state. The first is reducing the size of the state government so that it will “live within its means.” The second priority is to reduce government regulations to attract new businesses to the state and the third is ensuring the state has a strong education system.

Reducing the size of government

Debates over the size of the state government took center stage during the recent legislative budget session. Gordon said he would have liked to have seen more progress on scaling back the size of government in the budget. Determining where to cut, Gordon said, will require the state to determine which government agencies and services are essential. The state, then, could look to scale back nonessential sections of its government.

“There are some efficiencies you can come to, some technological fixes, but those are on the margin and are not going to completely solve the problem,” Gordon said. “What I think is, is the ability to help to set priorities: what are the things we absolutely need to have versus what are the things that are nice to have?”