Flyover shows chalet walls survive epic winter

Winter still reigns in the upper reaches of Glacier National Park.

Its mountains remain coated with snow, and a dark layer of clouds cloaked their tips May 2. But as the ALERT rescue helicopter flew over Lake McDonald, bound for Sperry Chalet, Orrin Webber wasn’t concerned.

“We’re gonna have good visibility, that’s for sure,” the Glacier National Park Conservancy board member remarked while pilot Matt Weller steered toward a gap in the peaks. In the back, beside this Daily Inter Lake reporter, sat photographers Adele and Jeff Scholl, co-owners of GravityShots.

They were helping the Glacier Conservancy keep tabs on the burned-out chalet, whose stone walls were braced with lumber this past fall. This flight would show them, the Conservancy, the Park Service and Sperry fans around the world how the lodge was doing.