King Of Fake IDs In Boston Area – Students Reviews

Neon signs all around Boston are very attractive especially to drinkers under the age of 21. The only thing preventing them from going on wild, drunken nights and fun college parties is their age – or the strictness of bars and bouncers for that matter. In some states and cities, an ID that is not really expertly made nor intricately designed might pass through careful review process of bouncers. But it’s definitely not the case in the Boston area. When you get caught using a fake ID, you might get a $200 fine, a three-month jail time as punishment, and suspension of your driver’s license for one year. The Massachusetts law sees it as a criminal offense and will not be taken lightly. is a well-known fake ID vendor among many college students, where many of them got their coveted document. A lot of fake ID owners mainly use

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