Local microgreens farmers offer a harvest of nutrition in tiny packages

Local microgreens growers have come up with innovative ways to use their product.

EarthStar Farms owner Susan Waite of Whitefish mixes microgreens into her homemade macaroni and cheese and sticks them into a grilled cheese sandwich or a hamburger.

Ashley Kwasney of Gecko Mountain Farm in Somers throws them in soup, omelets and pasta dishes, and adds them to her oatmeal.

Her husband, Gary Kwasney, may have come up with one of the more novel uses for microgreens — he likes to put them on ice cream.

“The taste sells itself,” Brycen Ek of Heyday Homestead in the Lower Valley, said. Ek and his wife, Emma, also grow microgreens.

“From a culinary perspective, they enhance flavors. If you’re trying to create a spice or a lemon note, they’re awesome on anything.”